2012 program experience comments

  •  This is  a great organization!  PART is definitely doing their part to help kids become better ...not just in speed an agility, better people.  The coaches that volunteered their time were great with the kids and Brian Grandison was amazingly patient with so many children.  I could hardly believe that over 200 kids stopped and listened when he spoke and followed his lead in exercises... I cannot wait for next year!  Tracy Case

2011 program experience comments

  • We enjoyed this program; it was well put together and very organized. I really appreciate how much special attention each child got while trying to strive to be an active participant in their activities. Well DONE ‘P-A-R-T’! And kudos goes out to all the awesome coaches.  The Johnson Family
  • The gratitude is really all ours!  PART is such an amazing program.  Each summer, we sign our 9-year old Son up for VBS, football camp, soccer camp and PART.  All of which are paid programs, except for PART.  Ironically, he will always tell us that PART is his favorite program each and every year.  The difference is obvious.  It’s not a program centered around profits, it’s a program centered around kids.  And the coaches and volunteers love kids and it shows.  Thanks for doing your PART to make the world a better place!  See you next year!  The Jewett Family
  • Brian, I want to thank you and your staff for giving of your time and effort in working with our kids. My stepson Avante really had a great time at camp and he is ready for the season to begin. I pray that this program continue to grow so that other kids can be blessed by it.  Thanks
  • PART was an awesome activity not just to prepare my son with basic building block football exercises but also a great event to bring the community together. Thank you to the sponsors who help make this happen. Events like this help keep Texas football what it is... head and shoulders above the rest.  Thanks Again  Perkins Family
  • Brian - Thank you for the vision and follow through with this terrific camp.  We heard about it after last year's camp from the mother of a participant. She raved about it.  We were not disappointed.  Our son is nearly 9 years old and he looked forward to the camp every night regardless of the heat.  He has been on a baseball team for several seasons. He has gained knowledge and skill in how to use his body for his (current) sport of choice. The absence of a fee for this camp gave us a little pause.  There was so much offered (equipment, water, first aid, raffle prizes, t-shirts, water bottles and dog tags) and so many people (coaches, onsite volunteers and behind the scenes volunteers), it made us acutely aware of the volume of time and effort it takes to coordinate this camp and all for the benefit of children, regardless of their ability to pay.  Thank you and thanks to the many sponsors for every PART of the camp!  See you next year!  Chad and Kim
  • It is a wonderful program, my two grandsons really love it.  I really appreciate all you do Coach Brian, and all the other coaches and volunteers.  It shows you all love the children and families.  I was glad to be able to help.  It is a good way for the children to learn about sports.  everybody knows and gets excited about it.  Pat Flanigan